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10 Best Free Android Emulators for Windows

Android Applications work best with Windows computers. So, a lot of Emulators are readily available. You would amazingly like to make use of the Android Emulators for Windows PC. For example, programmers can fix errors in applications and gamers take pleasure in playing games. Some of the best video games with the mechanism of toy vending machines can be played on screens with large displays.

List of Best Android Emulators for Windows 10

Find below the list of top 10 Android Emulators for PC free download that gamers would like to install on their Windows PC:


Optimized for multiple graphics standards and with a lot of high-end Android games, Gameloop Android Emulator is the Arcane official Emulator for Windows PC. A variety of Android games are available to play as Android Emulators for Windows computers. Gameloop Emulator helps to play PUBG Mobile on your Windows PC to enhance the gameplay features.

Download and Enjoy Gameloop Fun

Nox Player

Nox Player is an excellent choice for gamers who love Android Emulators for Windows with a lot of gaming features. The ultimately convenient user interface is one of the major features of Nox Player that outperforms various other Android emulators. With Android Lollipop 5.1.1,  Nox Player supports multiple Android versions by its multi-drive feature. As compared to BlueStacks, it is very simple and easy to get root access in Nox Player.

The Android server of Nox Player was hijacked in February 2021 causing malware on various computer systems. The Nox Player comes with built-in root support and multiple options for customization.

Download Nox Player


Being the latest gaming optimized Android Emulators for Windows 10, LDPlayer has gained global recognition instantly because of its efficient functioning. The emulator is conveniently operated on Intel-based computer systems. When we talk about far better efficiency and affinity, the LDPlayer best works on Android Nougat version 7.1.2.

A specialized app store is available for video games that fairly run on LDPlayer. It is based on modern virtualization technology that enhances its performance. Being a fast and lightweight emulator, LDPlay supports both Intel and AMD Windows PCs.

Android Studio

Android Studio is Google’s official Android Emulators for Windows. It comes with Android SDK support. It is the most recent and up-to-date emulator and the best version of Android for evaluation. The Android Studio Emulator works extremely slowly on low-cost computers. But this android emulator is a better option for testing various kinds of apps. The Android Studio is purpose-built to speed up developing high-quality applications.

Bliss OS

Now enjoy Android on your PC featuring just like Android Emulators for Windows. Bliss OS is an Open Source OS that integrates different kinds of optimizations, attributes and well-developed support for various devices. It offers the option of Desktop or Tablet UI or a mix of both. As to the performance, the Bliss OS focuses on speed with stability.


  • Options for Design Customization
  • Different Screen Size Options
  • Additional Security with AOSP Security Updates
  • Compatibility with ARM/ARM64 Apps


Genymotion is an Android emulator for Windows that has two operating modes, one for developers and one for testing. Android developers who are used to testing on their Android devices are now testing their applications on virtual devices. You can choose from Android 4.4 to the latest version on the Android build platform. Genymotion makes it easy to test Android applications on multiple platforms.

This is one of the best Android Emulators for Windows and very easily integrates with CircleCI, Bitrise, Terraform, etc. Genymotion allows you to choose your own GApps package. I have used it extensively and it has helped me a lot.


One of the most common questions we get from our readers is “Can I install PrimeOS on my Windows PC?” And we are happy to say that PrimeOS is an ideal Android-based OS used on Windows Computers. You can play android games and use applications very easily on a PC as the PrimeOS is well optimized for Windows systems. It utilizes the genuine power of GPU and CPU.

If you love to play android video games on a PC then this virtual gadget (Android Emulators for Windows) is a far better alternative. You can have personalized control of Android games by using keyboard mapping.

MEmu Play

MEmu Play is a powerful Android emulator with enhanced 3D rendering effects in OpenGL and DirectX. MEmu Play is packed with a lot of capabilities like outstanding performance, stunning images, and smart control with built-in key mapping.

The Android Emulators for Windows features the capacity to manage various types of applications simultaneously.


ARChon is a lightweight Chrome Application that runs on Windows Computer Systems. So this is not one of the Android Emulators for Windows, actually. It is simple to use with Chrome OS, Linux and Windows. Android APKs can be easily operated on any Windows PC after installing the ARChon. The ARChon is the one you should go with if you like to run Android applications without having any issues.

This Open Source App can be used perfectly to edit the codes. Download the ARChon Application, extract the downloaded file, and load it to the Chrome extensions.

Following versions are available for download with variations:

ARChon 2.1.0 Beta (ARC 41.4410.238.0)

ARChon 1.2 Stable (ARC 38.4410.120.43)


BlueStacks is one of the remarkable Android Emulators for Windows that is compatible with all Windows devices. If you love to play Android games on your Windows Computer, BlueStacks is the World’s first wonderful cloud-based Android gaming platform. You can play online or download BlueStacks X (Beta) on your Windows PC.

A variety of games are available on BlueStacks like Airport City, King’s Throne, Figure Fantasy, Free Fire, and many more. The products offered by BlueStacks include BlueStacks X and BlueStakes 5 with an Oreo-based gaming engine. AI-based gamin, multi-instance sync and key mapping are the top performance-enhancing features of this Android Emulator.

Enjoy all these Android Applications on different versions of Windows.

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